By Jon Wiebe

We sat down with Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer of Beach Season to learn more about the band’s origin, influences and their new video dropping February 2020.

How would you describe your sound?
The Beach Season sound comes from a love for all things nostalgic and timeless. Our intention has always been to evoke a sense of reminiscence in the listener, to invest them in the moment and the emotions that our music brings to the surface. That being said, as we grow and progress as artists, so does our art; it’s important that while we move forward sonically, our music still preserves authentic threads from where we began.


When did Beach Season begin?
We started the project in high school (2015). At the time we were experimenting with all sorts of genres. We were in a 4-piece band, and tried our hand at hip-hop before we settled on electronic – which became the first embodiment of Beach Season. We didn't know that much technically about music, theory, or production, though maybe our ignorance allowed us to truly experiment without hesitation or boundaries.

What are your influences?
You could say our influences were non-influences. We grew up in Alberta, which has always been a hub for rock, country and cowboy-centric aesthetics. We remember watching MTV, browsing the internet, and having our older brothers show us how to download media on things like LimeWire – to discover that a whole world of music and culture existed out there that we were immediately drawn to. We never felt like we fit in with the scene that was available to us at
the time, and it was the polarity that made us who we are today.


Your current album is called Time & Place. Can you tell us a little bit about your process making that album?
Time & Place was a redefining moment in both of our lives as we had no expectation coming
into the writing process. At first, we found ourselves in the UK, working with several new producers and writers to try and find something we hadn't touched before. We ended up working with our friend Jon Hoskins, doing a sort of ‘working tour’ where we went to some incredible places in North America to finish the album. The end product was a blend of all the influences we had encountered on our travels, a sort of diary of the year that had passed.

How would you describe your personal style?
Our personal style has always been based on what feels right. Our style is an extension of our brand, and it’s important to us that what we wear reflects our music and personality. We often gravitate towards Scandinavian and French influences. We really like the silhouettes and subtle detailing that are a trademark of Swedish and Danish designs, Canada also has a similar climate so they understand the warmth and comfort needed to survive harsh winters. To put it simply, we are big fans of good fits and functionality. Nothing too hype beast, nothing too boring, just a comfortable and elegant medium.

What’s next for Beach Season?
We have a music video for a new record set to release early 2020. We worked with our good friends Glenn Diehl, Noah Leach and Rhys Masrani to pull it all together. We found this amazing space at the Contemporary Calgary Art Gallery that looks very dystopian and futuristic, accented by brutalist architecture. We wanted to create a live performance video in a more unorthodox location, and through our friends at the gallery, we will have been the first to shoot video in that space. We are currently working on our next album, and plan to have more performances in the new year.


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Photo Credit: Ben Fenton

Styling by Jon Wiebe LEO Boutique

Fashion by Drole de Monsieur