Introducing - C.P. COMPANY

Introducing - C.P. COMPANY

By Jon Wiebe

Founded by Massimo Osti, C.P. Company is the Original Italian Sportswear brand - Specializing in garment dyed technology since 1971. 

For more than 45 years the brand has continued to pioneer its signature hybridization of archival military, work and sportswear models, combining them with intensely researched, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation.

C.P. Company promises its customer a sophisticated but easy-to-wear design garments which speak the language of functionality and where the customer desires are satisfied by understanding the intrinsic material qualities of the garment rather than an immaterial idea of ‘luxury’ or ‘life-style’ or ‘aspiration’.

The reason why is C.P. Company’s unique knowhow (garment dyeing, fabric experimentation, archival military, work and sportswear garment knowledge) built up over 40 years in the construction of urban sportswear and its ability to make this expertise feel relevant to contemporary and near-future urban experience.

The continuous tension between heritage and in- novation is the engine of C.P. Company’s unique brand identity.
The conflict between these two elements need not be ‘resolved’ through the decision to become ‘more heritage’ or ‘more innovative.’ Instead, the tensions resulting from a continuous attempt to combine both elements in the same garment at the same time is what gives C.P. Company its original identity.