Meet Marilou Dadat - Kowtow Head Designer

Meet Marilou Dadat - Kowtow Head Designer

By Buddha Apps Collaborator

Marilou Dadat was raised on the outskirts of Limoges, France. At 18, she was one of the youngest students accepted into the prestigious Ecole des Arts Decos where she undertook a graphic design degree before moving to fashion.
While studying, Marilou interned at Vogue Paris, and every season she worked for Haute Couture backstage which gave her hands-on experience of the Parisian craft.
This is her first Kowtow collection as Head Designer.

You came from a traditional fashion background, what inspired you to move to Kowtow?

I was inspired by Kowtow's balance of ethics and aesthetics. In traditional fashion your options are limitless, but at Kowtow sustainability is at the core of the business and there are parameters that come with that. Combining these with the minimalist aesthetic continues to inspire me.

What are you favourite pieces in this collection?

I enjoy styles that are drawn from a workwear influence, because they're practical and utilitarian. The following are currently in my weekly rotation: Faculty Pant, Blueprint Jacket & Theo Jumpsuit. All very simple and versatile.

What do you consider to be the most important element of fashion design?

Considering how the clothes will be made and from what materials. It is finding a way to minimise social and environmental impact without compromising form and function, or beauty and desire.

What social and environmental issues are most important to you?

I don't think you can talk about one without the other. The world is in much need of respect towards its resources and kindness towards people. I have a young son and his future is at the forefront of my mind, so right now, I would say biodiversity and climate change.